African American Book Collection at Andrews Public Library

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Dedicated to Purel Miller

The board members of One Dozen Who Care, Inc. (ODWC) voted to dedicate the African American Book Collection to Deacon Purel Miller as a way to express gratitude and honor to him for the years of community service he gave to the people of Andrews and Cherokee County.

He loved going to schools to talk about his history and work while displaying many unique antique instruments and tools. Youth in all Cherokee county schools have been privileged to have participated in his presentations.

Mr. Miller passed away on July 12, 2013. ODWC is very proud to be able to donate books by African American authors, and/or about African American people and culture to the Andrews Public Library, in his honor, and for the benefit of all the community. All gifts of books and cash in his name are welcomed at the library.

One Dozen Who Care wants to thank their friends who donated many of the books and will be very happy to receive additions of books, books on tape, recorded music, writings or artworks by African American artists that can be added to The Purel Miller Collection of African American Books.