One Dozen Who Care - Photo Credit Quintin Ellison

One Dozen Who Care - Photo Credit Quintin Ellison


One Dozen Who Care, Inc. is celebrating 20 years
of helping people in far Western North Carolina.

One Dozen Who Care, Inc. (ODWC) was founded in March of 1998. It is the first 501(c) 3 Community Development Corporation (CDC) in far western North Carolina to be organized and incorporated by Black women. As a multi-county non-profit, based in Cherokee County, NC, ODWC exists to train leaders and create community bonds through common cultural interactions.

We carry out this mission through leadership training, encouraging entrepreneurship, building bridges between races, religions, and age groups, supporting community, collaborating with other nonprofit and community-based organizations, and organizing economic development, social, cultural and educational activities.

We envision a unified community of empowered, confident, and knowledgeable youth, elders, and leaders.

The goals of our group are 1) to increase leadership within our communities by strengthening leadership among women and youth, 2) to assure the well-being of our children 3) to bring honor to our elders by investing in human resources from within our own immediate region, and 4) to preserve African American culture and heritage.

Along with our Multicultural Women's Development Conference and annual Elder Dinner that honors unsung heroes in the African-American communities and those we call Community Treasures, we carry out projects that promote social justice and equity.